Meet the Soaves: Kate

new york crop.jpg
Age: 20

School: Michigan State University

Majoring in: Business

Favorite Stores: Club Monaco, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Kate Spade, Victoria’s Secret

Favorite Movie/ TV Show: Inception/ Sex and the City

Fashion Inspirations: Carrie Bradshaw, Audrey Hepburn, East Coast prep…but the list goes on and on

Favorite Hobbies: Tennis, reading, sketching, organizing my closet

Guilty Habit: Online shopping: way. Too. Much.

Dream Job: TBD….PR or marketing in a big city maybe?

Currently Loving: Decorating my apartment for the year, Thredup,  Club Monaco’s new collection, curating the Soave Style Diary instagram, end of summer style

Can Be Found: Eating too much at brunch, drinking hot chocolate at the office instead of coffee and coming up with excuses to not jog


kate crop.jpg