Gray Swingy Dress

There are four reasons why I bought this dress:

  1. It’s extremely comfy.
  2. It’s shapeless.
  3. It was cheap.
  4. It’s gray.


These are my main criteria when it comes to buying clothing. I am a research scientist and I work in a laboratory; on the rare occasions when I try to wear something nice to work, it usually meets its untimely death at the hands of bleach/dye/some other chemical (my lab coat can only do so much…rest in peace, beloved cropped jeans). So most days you’ll find me in leggings and Nikes, and when I’m not at work, I like to be just as comfy! This dress honestly feels like pajamas.


I like shapeless things because I’m very tall. It’s hard to find dresses with defined waistlines that fit, because the bodice is usually too short for my frame and ends up hitting mid-ribcage. Swingy dresses like this circumvent that –tall girls, rejoice! Despite my height, I still love wearing heels. I’m 5’11”, so at that point, what’s a few more inches? The ones I’m wearing here were on clearance at Target, and they’ve got a pretty decent platform so they won’t kill your feet. Perfect for dancing.


And as for the gray thing…the vast majority of my closet is some shade of grayscale. I very rarely wear colorful things. I don’t really know why I do this, but it’s what I like! As you can see, I attempted to add a pop of color with this yellow clutch, which was a great vintage find at an estate sale. Unfortunately, I rarely carry it. Because it’s yellow.


I’ve linked some similar dresses, including one that’s under $20! You can’t beat a deal like that. Since the clutch is vintage, I’ve linked some colorful clutches that would serve the same purpose as a pop of color. I found some almost identical shoes for under $50 dollars and linked some other options as well. My rings are both vintage. My earrings are J. Crew, and my sunglasses are Nine West.