Shopbop Sale Picks!

There’s not much we love more than a sale and Shopbop’s event of the season sale is no exception! In case you haven’t heard, Shopbop is offering 25% of purchases under $500, and 50% off of orders over $500. The sale ends Friday night so make sure you snag your favorites soon. Below are some of our picks!


bailey44-dress    gareth-pugh-dress     rachel zoe dress.jpg

Bailey44 Turtleneck Dress

Gareth Pugh Dress

Rachel Zoe Dress

victoria beckham coat.jpgaquazzura-pumps   rachel zoe coat.jpg

Victoria Beckham Coat

Aquazzura Pumps

Rachel Zoe Coat

enza-costa-cashmere-crew-top    gabriela artigas bracelet.jpg   ginette_ny bracelet.jpg   current:elliot leather pants.jpg

Enza Costa Cashmere Crew Top

Gabriel Artigas Bracelet

ginette_ny Bracelet

Current/ Elliot Leather Pants


clubm4229721198_m1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_   clubm4228715469_m1_1-0-_ux220_ql90_  clubm4229458353_m1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_

Club Monaco Topcoat

Club Monaco Alpaca Sweater

Club Monaco Merino Sweater

vshee3000165700_m1_1-0._QL90_UX336_.jpg   nyout3013011656_m1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_   lered3004857332_m1_1-0._QL90_UX336_.jpg

Velva Sheen Tee Shirt

Native Youth Collared Shirt

Levi’s Striped Tee

bsher3004517159_m1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_        chima3002756810_m1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_       tkoop3023510192_m1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_

Ben Sherman Striped Shorts

Chimala Chambray Shirt

The Kooples Trousers


takor3005311745_q1_1-0-_ux220_ql90_     jpers4057589016_q1_1-0._UX220_QL90_.jpg         freep4334411780_q1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_      nlota2021142068_q1_1-1._QL90_UX336_.jpg

Plush Knit Beanie 

James Perse Staple Tee

Free People Bomber Jacket

Nili Lotan Military Pants

nkama3052212867_q1_1-0._QL90_UX336_.jpg      freep4329621140_q1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_   rpall4055912867_q1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_   alice4421616731_q1_1-0._QL90_UX336_.jpg

Norma Kamali Black Turtleneck

Free People Dress

Rachel Pally Bodysuit

Alice and Olivia Dress 

freep4335810104_q1_1-0._QL90_UX336_.jpg   galic3002312867_q1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_     ramyb3050112816_q1_1-0._QL90_UX336_.jpg    cinqa3009313149_q1_1-0._QL90_UX336_.jpg

Free People All Mine Sweater

Georgia Alice Ruffle Asymetric Shoulder Top

Ramy Brook Blouse

Cinq a Sept Top

                                            samed4081812867_q1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_   tular3009613149_q1_1-0._QL90_UX336_.jpg

Sam Edelman Mules



                 books2014613153_q1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_books2018213153_q1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_  books2016913153_q1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_

Vogue on Christian Dior

Kate Spade “All In Good Taste”

Vogue on Yves Saint Laurent

We hope you enjoyed our favorites, make sure to check out the sale for yourself before things sell out!!

~The Soaves