Valentine’s Day Makeup: Kate

Makeup details and links at bottom.

Valentine’s Day is officially two weeks away, so here’s is a little makeup inspiration. I don’t normally wear makeup unless I’m going out, let alone all these wild colors, but I actually really enjoyed it and will definitely be wearing this lipstick often.


Step One: Self tanning lotion.

So I have a huge breakout happening right now, but that will just illustrate better how well the makeup works right? I start with a self tanner to give my uber-white skin (it’s even pinker than usual in these photos because they’re post-workout) a little faux glow.


Step Two: Powder foundation, concealer, liquid foundation, and blush.

I’ve been using the Covergirl brand of all of these since I started wearing makeup and have never been disappointed. For the price you get great coverage and it sticks all day. I like to start and finish with the powder concealer to lock everything in. I use MAC eye shadow to fill in my brows because I’m such a makeup novice, but it actually works well for me.


Step Three: Eye shadow.

I am by no means a makeup pro but the Maybelline Eye Studio pallet makes it really easy! I used the lightest shade as an all over base from lashes to brow, layered the mid level pink onto my eye lid, and finished with the deep pink in my eyelid creases.


Step Four: Lip Liner, lip stick, and eye liner.

It was super easy to match these two thanks to all the options in the store (CVS, although I prefer Target if I’m being honest). This lipstick is my new favorite. It lives up to it’s “butter” name, and the shade was like nothing I’d worn in a really good way.


Step Five: Curl lashes and mascara.

Last bit and it’s an easy one! I always make sure to get mascara on my outer and inner lashes as well as a little on my bottom lashes for an extra pop. And that’s it! The full look.


Covergirl: Powder Foundation / Concealer / Liquid Foundation / Blush 

Maybelline: Eye Shadow / Mascara / Lip Liner (similar)

Elf: Eye Liner (similar)

Nyx: Lipstick 

Trim: Eyelash Curlers


Makeup details: