Yearling Winter Weekend

The weekend before last I got to spend time in New York…and while I may not have been in the city, it was a perfect getaway from the stress of school. My boyfriend happens to go to a certain prestigious military school (he will roll his eyes out of his head at the phrase), which means I got the opportunity to dress in a ball gown to head to a military dinner.

Lucky for me, Claire had just bought a beautiful blue gown from Lord and Taylor that I conveniently borrowed for the weekend (the exact dress is linked below!). I paired it with a  J. Crew necklace and earrings, and my old Jessica Simpson patent leather heels. My mom let me borrow an old patent leather clutch of hers to match, which meant I didn’t have to buy anything at all for this look!

Tips for traveling with a gown: expect the unexpected. I called ahead to see if I could hang my dress on my flight and after being assured that I could per the capacity of my specific flight, I showed up and was told no. It worked out, but never rely 100% on the plan!



Gown: Exact Match Option 1Option 2 / Option 3

Necklace: Option 1

Earrings: Option 1 / Option 2 

Shoes: Option 1 / Option 2

Clutch: Option 1 / Option 2