Styled by the Sisters: Sweater Dress

Outfit details at bottom.

KS: As sisters that are roughly the same size (minus Claire being within supermodel height and me being roughly average, boo), we share a lot of clothing. Knowing Claire’s style, when I bought this soft, grey sweater dress from Club Monaco, I knew she’d be stealing it. So I told her to buy her own.

CS: And this is how we have matching dresses at 23 and 20 years old. Flashbacks to our childhood of matching holiday dresses and bonnets….

KS: When it comes to styling things, we have slightly similar takes but still distinctive styles. This is our take on that Club Monaco sweater dress.

CS: I love this dress because, like most of my wardrobe, it’s minimalistic (and warm). I paired it with my BCBG booties for a sleek look, and added a blouse and some jewelry so the look wasn’t overboard minimal. I think it’s perfect for dinner with friends or family after work; easy to throw on without looking messy.


KS: I chose my go-to winter booties form Dolce Vita (bought them secondhand at Crossroads in Wicker Park), and kept it simpler with tights. This is a look I can just throw on and go while looking put together, which is exactly what I did later that night at a musical at our old high school.


Claire and Kate’s Look:

Dress: Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3

Claire’s Blouse: Option 1Option 2

Claire’s Shoes: Option 1Option 2

Claire’s Earrings and Necklaces: Option 1Option 2 / Option 3

Kate’s Shoes: Option 1

Kate’s Tights: Option 1Option 2


Look Details: