Book Review: In a Dark, Dark Wood

Dark wood review

I have always been a fan of thrillers in film and in books. Something about not being able to put a book down makes reading it so much more enjoyable, and thrillers have that tendency with me. After reading Gone Girl two summers ago, I have been reading similar thrillers almost exclusively. Last Christmas, I was given Ruth Ware’s debut novel, In a Dark, Dark Wood.  Lucky for me, I actually have time to read during the holiday break and made short work of this one.

The book is about a group of women attending a bachelorette party at a beautiful house in the woods. You know from the start that for some reason, our protagonist was surprised to be invited because of history with the bride that has caused the two to not speak for ten years prior to the invitation. What follows is a surprising and twisted tale that I couldn’t put down until I was finished.

The intensity throughout the book never really let up, and the mystery behind the past of the protagonist spurred me on. One of my favorite things about thrillers are all the loose ends, and this one tied them all up perfectly. It was a quick read thanks to my break time and inability to put a book down, and something I thoroughly enjoyed.

Good news! Reese Witherspoon must’ve been impressed with the book also, because she’s adapting it to film. So if that isn’t a good enough reason to read this book, I don’t know what it!

In a Dark Dark Wood: Ruth Ware