The Art of Letter Writing


Why is it that hardly anyone uses snail mail anymore, especially those under the age of 50? I admit, I fit this category as well, and email, texting, and all other mobile communication apps make it pretty hard to see the point. But it isn’t about strict communication anymore, since there are much quicker ways to do that. It’s about the action and the sentiment.

I don’t send mail often, but when I do it’s for those reasons. It’s usually to my boyfriend, who live a couple of states away, and just something special to bring some excitement to a mundane week. There’s something so fun about opening a real piece of mail and sitting down to read something complete, rather than text message fragments.

Unsure who or what to write about? Write to your Grandma or Grandpa and tell them about your life/ ask about theirs. Write your best friend in a different city. Write a letter to a company that you’re dissatisfied with, or a company that you love. Have younger cousins or nieces and nephews? Write a fun letter to show how awesome communicating the slowest way can be. The possibilities are really endless, and there is hardly anyone who wouldn’t be totally entertained by getting snail mail.

All you is an envelope and a stamp. After that you can write away on anything, pop it in the stamped envelope, and send it on its way!


Stamps (who knew I could find my favorite stamps online??)

Online stamp store (because these exist and it’s actually awesome)