Easter Weekend Recap

Outfit details at bottom.

I can’t believe how quickly Easter has come and gone! This past weekend was certainly an amazing one, made all the more so because of the holiday. We had family come in from Chicago and spend the weekend with us which made everything more fun. It was quite a whirlwind with people to see and things to do, which is probably why the weekend only seemed to last ten seconds.

KS: I was so excited to wear my new dress from the Target and Victoria Beckham collaboration (linked below with all other items). It matched my Coach pumps almost too well!

JS: I matched appropriately in one of my most Spring-y sweaters (thanks to the Easter pastel pink. I paired it with my new J. Crew tie.


Kate’s Look:

Dress: Option 1

Shoes: Option 1 / Option 2

Joe’s Look:

SweaterOption 1 / Option 2

Button DownOption 1

TieOption 1 / Option 2

PantsOption 1 / Option 2

ShoesOption 1


Look Details: