Rocksbox x Betsey Johnson

Outfit details at bottom.

In case you missed my post about Old Navy and it’s fabulous prices, I’m crushing on a new subscription service right now. Being as indecisive as I am, it’s often difficult to commit to jewelry since it’s so expensive and often not versatile. Enter Rocksbox, the most accommodating subscription service around. For just $21 a month you get three beautiful designer jewelry pieces chosen for you by a special stylist. Wear and return, or keep what you love and your $21 goes toward covering the cost! Not only that, but you can return the box for three more pieces as many times a month as you like. I didn’t believe it when I heard it, but it’s true! If you’re feeling like that might be worth it, it is. But to sweeten the deal, use the code soavestylediaryxoxo for your first month free! And don’t worry, there’s no obligation and you can cancel anytime (but why would you want to?).

Anyway, this fabulous choker is one of the pieces Rocksbox sent us this month and it is perfect. Pair it with a dress for a trendy vibe, or with jeans and a tee for that extra bit of style. It’s got amazing detail and is super comfy. I paired it with an old Bestey Johnson dress for a casual afternoon out in the yard.


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