Rocksbox Rocks Our Socks

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You may have noticed a theme in some of our recent posts…more and more gorgeous jewelry and shouting out Rocksbox? That’s because we recently subscribed to the best subscription service out there: Rocksbox. Why is it the best? Let me tell you…

  1. The price point: jewelry is expensive, and nice jewelry even more so. Rocksbox is not expensive. It costs only $21 a month…for unlimited jewelry. Plus if you love a piece so much you want to wear it everyday, you just keep it! The $21 you pay monthly goes toward the total cost of the piece, and the value you receive goes through the roof.
  2. It’s not really monthly: it’s more like whenever you feel like it. That’s right, you can receive as many boxes a month as you’d like. Just send back the one you have for 3 more amazing pieces! So you’re not paying for a monthly box, your paying for monthly boxes.
  3. The jewelry is all great quality: and all designer brand names! Where else can you basically rent Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, and Perry Street jewelry for next to nothing? All of the pieces are beautiful, high quality, and if they aren’t brand new I would never be able to tell. Our first box was worth over $200 retail, for $21….or less if you’re quick and return it for more within the month!
  4. A stylist perfectly picks every piece for you. This may be my favorite part: there’s a stylist choosing every piece sent to you based off of your style profile and favorite pieces. You can give feedback and make wishlists and this is all taken into consideration when curating your next box. The personalization is a dream come true!

This is without a doubt the most amazing subscription service we’ve ever tried, and we highly recommend it. Not completely sold? Try a month free when you use our code: soavestylediaryxoxo. You can cancel with no additional charge at any point. So what is there to lose? A month of unlimited free jewelry awaits you!!


Kendra Scott Meghan Adjustable Necklace in Crackle Brown Mother of Pearl


Slate Gigi Choker Necklace


Perry Street Aster Statement Earrings