Festive Blue Gingham

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The actual fourth of July wasn’t a major event for us since we saw the fireworks at Greenfield village the night before. We spent the day at home with a huge buffet of food and the family. Since I love the fourth, I still managed to get in the spirit with my blue gingham shirt and Yankees hat. The gingham is super summery and perfect for the fourth, and the hat kept me free from having to worry about my hair (which is getting longer by the second).

IMG_2394.JPGIMG_2398.JPGIMG_2403.JPGIMG_2406.JPGIMG_2408.JPGIMG_2411 2.JPG

My shirt is closest to option one but option three is super cheap at $30! The iconic Yankees hat is only $20 and I wear mine almost everyday, so I highly recommend investing in one. Both belt options are $10 and identical to mine!

Gingham Shirt: Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3

Hat: Option 1

Watch: Option 1 

Shorts: Option 1

Eye GlassesOption 1 / Option 2 / Option 3

BeltOption 1 / Option 2


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