Chicago for the Weekend

Outfit details at bottom. 

Since I spent my college years running around Chicago, I never pass up the chance to visit again if I can help it. While Kate is working there this summer, there’s even more incentive to go! Last weekend we all (Mom, Joe, Ed, Kate’s boyfriend, and Joe’s friend) packed into the car and made our way out to Chi. We spent Saturday in the city heat shopping and visiting one of my newer favorites: the Restoration Hardware showroom.

Since I met them all downtown after a detour to Trader Joe’s, I was sporting my commuter’s necessity: my Beats headphones. I chose my loose grey sundress so I wouldn’t overheat in the sun and my gladiator sandals so that I wasn’t slowed down by anything with a heel.


The first dress is only $55 and super similar! The first sunglasses are also a total steal at $12. Beats are a little more of a splurge but they’re totally worth it if you travel a lot or work in an environment where you can wear them. My exact bag is sold out but options two and three are similarly priced at under $150. The shoes options start at $100 and end with option three at $50 which is reasonable for such a summer staple (that matches everything).

Dress: Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3 

SandalsOption 1 / Option 2 / Option 3 

HeadphonesOption 1

PurseOption 1 / Option 2 / Option 3 

SunglassesOption 1 / Option 2


Look details: