Starbucks, J. Crew, Chicago

Outfit details at bottom.

Traveling to Chicago for the weekend is a frequent pleasant past-time of our family’s and last weekend did not disappoint. With family, friends, and the city, how could it? We spent Saturday brunching and running around Chicago and it was a fun weekend escape from Michigan.

I threw on one of my J. Crew polos and my favorite white shorts and of course Nikes so that I could walk the city without getting uncomfortable.


IMG_7301IMG_7309IMG_7310IMG_7318IMG_7320IMG_7332IMG_7377IMG_7378IMG_7420My polo (option one) is only $40 but there’s a super similar option for $15! My exact glasses are linked under option one and I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Warby Parker so far. The rest are all the same or similar to what I wore!

Polo: Option 1 / Option 2 

Shorts: Option 1

BeltOption 1 / Option 2 / Option 3

ShoesOption 1 / Option 2

GlassesOption 1 / Option 2

Watch: Option 1


Look details: