J. Crew x Nike Killshots

Outfit details at bottom.

Fall layers are necessary in Michigan when the weather wants to start at 50 degrees and then make it to 75 by lunch. For days like this I like to layer my vest for extra warmth in the mornings and evenings. My favorite shoes right now are the Nike Killshot sneakers that I managed to grab before they sold out. The only downside to these is trying to keep them clean, otherwise they’re perfection.

Amazing photos are by Kadie Alpers.


I’ve linked almost everything the same, the vests are similar because I couldn’t find mine but they’re very close. Shoes are unfortunately sold out at the moment, but they’re linked as well.

OxfordOption 1 / Option 2

VestOption 1 / Option 2 / Option 3

KhakisOption 1 / Option 2

Belt: Option 1

ShoesOption 1

GlassesOption 1

Watch: Option 1


Look details: