Halloween Sibling Special

Happy Halloween! This past weekend we celebrated the lovely holiday of Halloween, and we were surprised with a very rare occurrence… Claire came to MSU! That called for festivities, and luckily Kate’s house was hosting a Halloween party that night. Costumes were unoriginal and the house was packed which did not make for great photos but included are what we have. They are more than a bit messy but come on, it was Halloweekend. The only casualty of the night were Kate’s stolen Beats (RIP) so all in all it was a great time.

Look below for super last minute costume ideas!


Bonus best friend from the school days (like, elementary school)!

Last minute Halloween costumes

Also: those are my room keys in my dress! They’re on a tassel. Not becoming, I know. -KS

Halloween party is just another way to say jersey party, right? Right.

Guarantee nobody else at the party will be dressed as the same thing: be a devil or a cat!

So if you’re looking for something very last minute to wear, throw on a LRD and horns, or an LBD and cat ears, or just your favorite jersey, and rest assured that you won’t be the only one rocking a last-minute costume.

~CS, KS, JS~