Into the Water Review

Over the summer I was perusing my magazines and in a particular issue of Vogue, there was an excerpt from an upcoming book. I was immediately hooked after 3 pages, and was not surprised to find it was by the same author who penned The Girl on the Train.

Into the Water is just as twisted and immersive as The Girl on the Train, if not more. Told from multiple perspectives, it took me on a ride that I did not want to end. I rarely have time to read for leisure while I’m in classes, but I couldn’t put this one down and finished it in three days (seriously, a record for during the school year). It’s probably the most entertaining book I’ve read all year, reminiscent of Gone Girl with how often it throws you for a loop.

The story is set in a little town with a river running through it, full of secrets and history, particularly tied to women of the town who have been called “troubled women.” It follows the case of a few such women, whose supposed suicides in the river are called to question. The characters of the town are interwoven throughout the story beautifully, and every aspect of the tale is told making for a satisfying story.

If you enjoy the trend of trippy thrillers that are so popular right now, I recommend you read Into the Water.

I linked the book below and I highly recommend you give it a read, or check out Hawkins’ other work!