Hello, 2018!

New year, new resolutions! I’ve alway loved the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, but have never been very good at keeping them until last year. For 2017 I kept it simple and resolved to simply floss my teeth every night before bed. This came after being heavily scolded at the dentist, so the motivation was there, and here I am on the first day of 2018, successful in my flossing endeavors.

So for 2018, I had to decide on something similarly simple, but with as much impact as flossing (even though it doesn’t seem important, your dentist is right!). I’m still not fully sure what habits I’ll be trying to form throughout the year, but the new one I’m starting as of today is planking for 3 minutes every day. As someone who enjoys the after-workout feeling but doesn’t have endless time to devote to a workout, this is a quick way to get a little physical exertion in every day. Easy enough to keep up, but something with lasting impact.


I’m also going to try to plan ahead more with everything in my life. This one is less concrete and more of a task than a three minute plank, but one I want to approach with the same excitement. We’ll see where I am in another year!