2018 Fitness Intentions

New year, new goals! Honestly, same goals as far as fitness is concerned, but with slight changes (hopefully). I’ve never been one for much activity, the only “sports” I ever did were ballet and cheerleading, but after I stopped dancing it became obvious that some sort of new activity was necessary. My freshman year of college I started running, as it’s the cheapest way to keep in shape. Since then I’ve experimented with classes like yoga and cardio kickboxing, got a gym membership at Lifetime for the classes in particular, and slowly got into a semi-routine.

Last semester I became more interested in changing that routine, but ever had time to even think about making changes. With my last semester of school approaching, and hopefully less challenging courses coming my way, I think I’ll have more time to devote to fitness.

This year I want to maintain a schedule of daily physical activity, rather than the every other day necessary 45 minute routine I had before. I want to commit to things that will force me to workout despite the bitter cold, since that is something that slowed me down in the Fall. In particular, I want to try new forms of working out (boxing), and go back to some old ones (ballet).

These are pretty loose goals still, but throughout January I intend to flesh them out and put them into practice. By the end of 2018, I want to look back at a year full of activity that contributed to my health without seeming like a chore.