Brunch Series: MI.Mosa

New year, new post series! This year I want to try to go to more restaurants I haven’t tried yet, rather than just frequenting Chipotle during the school week (but I’ll probably still do that too). For my first brunch branch-out my dad and I went to MI.Mosa, a restaurant in my hometown, Farmington. Upon Googling, the food all looked delicious. When I got there I was slightly surprised to see a fully stocked bar out in the main restaurant (it’s a pretty small space). Not only do they offer their namesake mimosas, but any other drink you could want.


The menu also surprised me since I assumed that it was a brunch restaurant. They offer many different options and are open until late most days. Being there for breakfast, I ordered the stuffed french toast and my dad had an omelette. I almost forgot to take a picture of mine when it arrived, it looked so good I was ready to eat it!


Overall MI.Mosa is a fun local restaurant and projects exactly those vibes. The food was really good and the menu included tons of options for multiple meals. If you’re ever in the area, I would recommend popping in for a custom omelette or the delicious french toast!