Juicy Couture Onesies

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January is turning out to be quite a frigid time, but luckily we have our onesies to keep us warm! Juicy Couture is smashing the misconception that onesies have to look like they were made for a child with these plush leopard print pajamas. They are so fun and the warmest, softest thing I’ve ever worn, plus they come with an adorable sleep mask that has a little crown! Not to mention the hood just completes the coziness that is this fleece blanket with legs and glamour.


Ed hopped into a few photos with us (not willingly but we’ll ignore that). He fits the theme perfectly, being super soft and fuzzy.


Joe felt left out so he threw on an old favorite: his OnePiece jumpsuit, complete with fully zipped hood. Quite ridiculous.


Juicy Couture Onesie

OnePiece Jumpsuit

~CS, KS, JS~

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