Room Tour

Decor details at bottom.

My room here at State has changed yearly, last year even by semester, so it’s hard to accumulate things. This year I’m living in a house, and after buying a lovely queen size bed, I found my room to be much smaller than I remembered! Since I’m rarely in my room unless I’m sleeping or studying anyway, it all worked out. Despite only being here for nine months, I made sure to bring my necessities and favorite items: my Sex and the City DVDs, favorite books, and of course my whole closet. The small closet is definitely the biggest challenge, but also a good way to practice my organizational skills. 🙂

It’s certainly tiny, but over the past few months I’ve made it one of my absolute favorite places. It feels like home now to me.


I’ve linked some of my favorite pieces from my room below, including my wire basket to hold overflow blankets, most of it is under $100!


Room details: