Travel Essentials

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It’s hard to fathom that about two years ago I hadn’t been on a plane since I was four. In those two years I’ve taken countless flights, many due to my boyfriend always being in a different state. Through these many trips I’ve refined my favorite things to have on a flight, be it a 30 minute flight from Detroit to Chicago or 14 hours to China.

As someone who has moderately dry skin, but absolutely can’t stand it, I always have to have my travel sized hand lotion with me. Same goes for dry lips, which is why I always have my Vaseline (Chapsticks make my lips puff up, it’s tragic). Recently I’ve loved packing a couple cheap face masks so I can refresh my skin after a day of sitting in airports. I also tuck my face lotion into my bag for the SPF, hydration, and overall refreshing feeling during delays. Since I’m constantly snacking and hungry, I always pack a snack (dark chocolate is my favorite way to treat myself). Aside from that, it’s all about the entertainment. I would die of boredom without my earbuds, a good book, and the occasional magazine. Not included in the picture: a sweatshirt! It’s like going to a movie theater; in the summer it could be frigid.

What are your travel must haves? Let me know what I should add to my list!