The Killers at Madison Square Garden

Outfit details at bottom.

So just to be clear, The Killers are my favorite band EVER and seeing them is a huge deal to me. Joe can attest to this fact, as I saw them for the first time with him at Music Midtown 2016, and I think we both have permanent hearing damage from my incessant screaming. Seriously, all of the videos from that show are useless because I’m blubbering in the background of every. single. one. But, I redeemed myself last weekend at the Wonderful Wonderful tour stop in NYC! My lovely boyfriend agreed (he might not have had a choice) to spend a night in NYC to see them at Madison Square Garden before meeting up with his friends for 500 Night. The experience was everything I’d hoped, as usual, and I couldn’t be happier with my first experience at MSG.

Also, The Killers are amazing, Wonderful Wonderful is an amazing album, and if the tour hasn’t hit your city yet I highly recommend buying tickets and going. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Okay, fangirl rant over!


Brandon Flowers’s voice is sent from the angels, let me tell you.


I know the first picture doesn’t show my outfit at all so apologies for that, but I’ve linked similar pieces for everything, the bodysuit and bralette are both under $50!

Blazer (similar)






Look details: