Brunch Series: Blondie’s Barn

Over the weekend I stopped by a new (to me) brunch spot near MSU to send off a close friend to her study abroad. I’d never heard of Blondie’s Barn, but was pleased to find we didn’t have to wait long for a table and the menu options were endless. I didn’t try it, but they had a whole menu with food options all served on a dutch pancake. I will definitely be returning, one reason being that dutch pancake I need to try!

I ended up ordering a California Omelette, and let me tell you the portions are 10x what you would expect. I also got a “small” coffee, which included whipped cream (is there anything better?). The coffee menu is also extensive, with fun flavors and tastes to rival Starbucks, for less money.


Overall I would highly recommend Blondie’s Barn for brunch, and especially suggest getting coffee while you’re there. You’ll have enough of the food AND the coffee to take some to go!