All the Missing Girls Review

I had intended to read this book slowly throughout the week… but ended up finishing 3/4 of it all in one afternoon because it’s just that good. Another favorite on my growing list of mystery thrillers, this one definitely did not disappoint. Bonus points for being creepy, but not so creepy that I couldn’t read it before bed.

This book has a timeline that reads backwards, which seems like it would ruin the story right? But it instead creates uncertainty and twisting story that puts things where you least expect them and reveals things when you least expect to learn them. It’s so different and so much fun to read that I couldn’t put it down by the time I got to the third chapter.

The book follows a girl who escaped her hometown years ago, after the disappearance of her friend, only to experience the disappearance of another local girl. The characters in the small town she calls home are flawlessly developed and it makes for a very compelling story.

My only “complaint?” Now that I’ve read it I want to go read it again to see if I missed anything!IMG_3414.JPG