Monet Exhibit DIA

Last weekend we took a family trip down to the DIA to take in the Monet exhibit. I have a huge appreciation for art, but I’m not really someone who knows a lot of facts and history about it. That being said, everybody knows Monet and he has always been one of my favorites. I love the romantic smudginess to his paintings, how they look perfectly realistic but without all the harsh lines. His paintings seem to somehow be in motion, and I love that.

The exhibit did not disappoint, featuring paintings by Renoir as well. It was truly a special experience that pictures can’t really capture, but I tried! If you’re in the Detroit area in the next month, I recommend a stop by the DIA!


A Renoir of Monet painting… it’s paintingception and I love it.


My mom looking at one of our mutual favorites. Hard not to be attracted to a summer day when it’s January. 


It’s incredible to see such a well known painting in person. Especially one as beautiful as this!


Call me crazy but even the back is cool to look at.