February Favorites

Though it’s a short one, February is full of fun times and holidays! Not only is there Valentine’s Day but there’s Joe’s birthday and the excitement of Spring Break. I spent the month eating discount candy and birthday cake and I’m not the least bit disappointed in this. Maybe that means that one of my March Favorites should be a fitness class… Nevertheless February was filled with fun new things!

Herbal Essence Cucumber and Green Tea Shampoo

On my last Target trip I had to pick up shampoo, and to my dismay my usual rose scented Herbal Essence wasn’t there. I just picked another one that looked okay but I am so in love with the scent now it might be my new normal. I occasionally catch a whiff of it from my hair and it is heavenly. Definitely give it a sniff next time you’re in Target.

The Post

Joe and I went to the movies a lot this month, but by far my favorite that we saw was The Post. This is an amazingly well done film, and I can see why it’s been nominated for multiple Oscars. It is truly worth the time to see, enjoyable in every way I highly recommend this one.

Free Bowling

Here at MSU we have free bowling on Wednesday’s at the Union and it is the perfect entertainment for a Wednesday night. Admittedly, I’m an awful bowler, but it’s still super entertaining.


The Money exhibit is still at the DIA for a while and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a little inspiration. The art is beautiful and the story is so interesting.

Girl Scout Cookies

My Grandma is the best lady in the world so naturally for Valentine’s Day she gifted me a huge assortment of Girl Scout Cookies. Not the best Spring Break diet, but who’s keeping track? So glad that Girl Scout Cookie season is back.