Monday Motivation: Life is a Party

Fun fact that you may have already noticed from Google today: it’s William Henry Perkin’s birthday! He would have been 180 today and this is significant because he discovered purple dye. He’s pretty much responsible for my favorite items being available in my favorite color. So thank you and happy birthday, William Henry Perkin!

On to the motivation element of this post, something that is essential on the first Monday after our “spring forward.” Yes, the clocks turned an hour forward yesterday and waking up for class this morning was very difficult. This due to not only the dreaded Daylight Savings but also to the end of Spring Break, which was a wonderful week off.

So here’s some motivation in the form of a Pinterest quote: “Life is a party once you realize it is.” And isn’t that so true? Why wait for the weekend, or for the next event, or for the right moment to have fun, or eat cake, or wear pretty dresses? Why not right now? This is all there is, life is a string of right now and far less the parties and the events. So better to make all the right now a “party” by doing exactly what you want, or dressing up what you have to do so that it feels like a privilege. This doesn’t have to be your stereotypical party mentality. Maybe you enjoy a night in reading or watching a movie more than a night out at the bars, or your favorite sweater over your fancy suit. But find a way to incorporate that into your everyday, and live your party everyday. Because everyday we are here on this Earth really is a privilege and that should be reason enough to party!

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