Monday Motivation: Mediocrity

Happy Monday! As the day is nearly over, this is more motivation for the rest of the week. Time is moving so quickly as spring and graduation approach, it can be way too easy to fall into a routine to keep moving forward with a sense of things staying the same. But that’s so boring! I often try to shake things up, especially this semester with all my newfound free time, but it can be hard to stay inspired. It’s so much easier to use all my free time to watch Netflix and take naps. But that isn’t nearly as fulfilling as reading a new book, getting ahead on homework, or finding a new hobby.

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Mediocrity is funny because when you hear the word there is so much negative connotation to it. “Of moderate quality, not very good” is the formal definition. But isn’t it easy to describe the average weekday like this? Unless you are actively going out of your way to create excitement and creativity, every normal, boring day could probably be described as mediocre.

So this Monday and every day after it I will be striving to achieve no sense of normal. No routine that allows me to become comfortable with boredom and familiarity. Don’t get me wrong – I will definitely still be watching Netflix. But not more often than I’ll be exploring all the other endless options there are out there. Every day truly is a gift when you stop and think about it – why waste a gift on mediocrity?

This of course will be much easier given the fact that I do have all that extra free time. But I’m determined to make good habits now so that when busy is back I can keep in good form.