Milkmaid Braids

Although yesterday was the first day of Spring, Michigan still very much feels like Winter. After all, it was only last week that we had snow on the ground (fresh snow!), which prompted me to return to cashmere turtlenecks in a way I thought I was done with for this season. I don’t regret it however, because I was very warm and cozy despite the everlasting cold and snow. I also took the occasion (no time to workout and shower) to put my hair into and old favorite made easier by the absence of a recent haircut. Milkmaid braids are so easy to do and look put together when your hair is a day overdue for cleaning. I wore this look to my old high school’s spring musical, and didn’t feel self-conscious about my lack of dry shampoo even once, so I can highly recommend this for the days when there’s no time to wash your hair.


I’ve linked identical items for everything and there’s a wallet-friendly option for the sweater. Links below for individual items, details link to shop the widget!

Turtleneck (cable-knit) (budget)


Boots (similar)


Look details: