Michigan Addy Awards 2018

This year I decided to take a few advertising courses since I’ve completed my necessary courses for the business school. One such course required coming up with lots of ideas, and my professor then had a more skilled graphic design artist bring some of these ideas to life. Fast forward a bit and I had officially won two Addy Awards for ideas from the class! Very exciting although I had no idea they even existed. My wonderful graphic design artist clearly did an amazing job with the ideas.

The presentation of the awards took place on campus, so I felt obligated to go experience the festivities. It was a wonderful night with a delicious buffet and amazing advertising work. Not bad for a Wednesday night at college! My dad was able to join me so thankfully I had someone there to appreciate the immense amount of good food. I had a great time and enjoyed being immersed in work from so many talented students and businesses. But quite honestly the buffet was my favorite, and anywhere I go with a buffet that will always be the peak of my time there.