Monday Motivation: Comeback

Another Monday is here, and it seems like the weeks are flying by! As soon as Spring hits it’s always like this, but now more than ever since graduation is right around the corner. Every moment seems fleeting, and time is a commodity that is not as easy to come by. At times like this I often panic feeling that I need to do everything perfectly while time is running out. This inevitably leads to less fulfilling usage of time, naturally. I’m trying to live more in the moment, whatever it is, rather than attempt to dictate each moment in an unsuccessful attempt to make it everything I think it needs to be.

Looking back on my time at college, March and mid-semester in general were often a stressful time. Any classes that weren’t up to par grade-wise made me continuously anxious because I could feel the time to bring grades up running out. Any setbacks weighing on me seemed like they had to be resolved immediately, or not at all. This is definitely something I feel this year as well. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in college, there’s always time to improve, and the setbacks that seem like they’ll be the end of the world never are.

Setbacks are really just an opportunity disguised. Whenever I saw something as a failure in hindsight it was usually an opportunity for something better. This is such a cliche, but cliches are usually true honestly. So the next time you’re down in the dumps about missing out on something, just remember that it could be clearing the way for something more well suited to you.

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