Sweatshirt Dress

Everything that led me to purchasing this dress was completely random, and I think that’s a life lesson that the world works in mysterious and beautiful ways because I have barely taken this thing off and it is my favorite piece of clothing right now. Basically it’s a sleep shirt that’s acceptable to wear in public (I should know, I’ve slept in it three times on accident). Honestly, I could go on forever about how much I adore this fine piece of material, but I won’t because that would be boring. Unfortunately, as random as the circumstances were that led me to the dress, it was on mega clearance sale at American Eagle like two months ago and has since disappeared. However, I found it’s identical twin for an equally reasonable price and I don’t know how to adequately recommend scooping it up because it’s just that great. It’s a blanket with arm holes. Okay I’ll stop hyping it up now.

Dress / Watch / Sunglasses / Shoes

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