Le Petite Zinc, Midtown

Midtown and Detroit in general are so full of exciting and delicious places to dine and more pop up every day, so it’s difficult to find a favorite among all the shining stars. However, Le Petite Zinc recently relocated extremely nearby my sister’s apartment and thus we’ve ended up there more than once now. This is not entirely due to convenience of course, everything from the decor to the menu is top notch. Truly I have yet to be disappointed here, the food is all out of this world and their cappuccino has me addicted. As we’ve been here in a group more than once and all sampled each other’s plates I’ve tried sweet and savory crepes and their “petit dejeuner” and have yet to find an aspect of the restaurant that I don’t like. If you’re in the area it’s a can’t-be-missed restaurant even among so many great options.