Boston for the Day

This summer I knew I wanted to explore some new places and I spent all of last week doing just that. My trip to the East Coast began in Boston, a place I visited for the first time almost exactly a year ago. This trip was just a quick one, 24 hours in the city before I continued on to Portland, Maine. I fell in love with Boston all over again, revisiting old favorites and discovering great new places as well. Previously I had stayed on the opposite side of town so it was nice to be able to see things from a different perspective. I used AirBnb for the first time and was very pleasantly surprised, though I spent very little time in the room and as much time as possible out exploring the restaurants and boutiques, and paying Primark more than a visit or two (yes, three visits in 24 hours, am I lucky I don’t live near one or what). It was a lovely visit despite the rain that hit before I escaped to Portland. Scroll for many pics and captions for the important ones… that would be the ones with food. 🙂


Dinner from a B.Good. They locally source their ingredients and the sweet potato fries were delicious!


Mike’s Pastries is something of a must-see in Boston. If you go around dessert time the line is far out the door, but if you go after breakfast there’s no wait at all! Nothing wrong with a mid-morning chocolate mousse cannoli.


Second oldest cemetery in Boston… which is to say it’s extremely old. 


Ducked into Restoration Hardware as it looked like rain might come through… and it did. Right as I was trying to leave. Such is life.


Where to hide when the rain hits? An adorable café called Thinking Cup that lets you customize your grilled cheese! 


…And if the rain continues why not another cafĂ©? CafĂ© Nero has wonderful macchiato and even better zucchini bread.


Of course good old Pret comes through with the pre-bus ride hot chocolate to fend off the cold from the rain. 


A picture of me! In Boston! Alone so only a mirror selfie, what’s better than that?