Portland, Maine

After spending a day in Boston, I took a short bus ride North to Portland, Maine. It being my first visit to Maine, I was very excited to see the sights and try to seafood. I spent two nights there, staying in a hostel that was extremely clean and decorated with the best wallpapers, and well situated near all the necessary sights. I spent time roaming from boutique to boutique, trying the best brunch restaurants and coffee shops, and had my first ever lobster roll! In general I don’t enjoy seafood other than salmon but the lobster roll was very good, and the clam chowder (is that even considered seafood?) I had before leaving Portland was out of this world. There were absolutely no culinary-let-downs on this trip and I would definitely elect to return in the future.

Happened upon the farmer’s market while walking around my first morning there, a lovely and very floral surprise.

First brunch in Portland! Bayside American Café, delicious food especially the blueberry french toast. 

Visited a historic mansion to see how the other half lived in the summer… gorgeous and decadent interior however, no pictures allowed. 

Baby’s first lobster roll! Even for someone who isn’t into seafood, it was delicious and so necessary. When in Rome, right?

Hostel bedroom, shared with other girls. The butterfly ceiling was too cute! It was my first hostel experience and for the money it is well worth it if you’re traveling alone! 

Best salmon I’ve ever had, at a fabulous Italian restaurant called Roma. Everything from the pre-dinner bread to the dessert was so perfect it made me want to cry for happiness.

A spontaneous walk in the AM hours was well worth it for these views! The water, the sailboats, the wildflowers, everything was beautiful. 

Smoothie bowl that began my addiction, from Blake’s Orchard and 100% certified delicious. 

More crazy cool wallpapers seen at the Black Elephant Hostel… everything from lemurs in the downstairs bathrooms to multicolored walls in the coffee corner!


Views from the ferry ride to and from Peaks Island. Gorgeous blue sea dotted with islands and sailboats.


The site of my final meal in Portland: clam chowder. It was my first time having clam chowder and I was amazed at it’s deliciousness.