Ohio Day Trip

Yesterday I ended up in Ohio with no previous plans to be there. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to see some new sights while I was out, and Googled fun things to do which led me to Cuyahoga National Park, where I saw Brandywine Falls and hiked down to the base. I also made a slight detour to Cleveland on my way back home and walked around for a few hours. I hadn’t been there since a 7th grade field trip, despite the proximity. It was so fun to wander around a new city and look at the skyline and different businesses and restaurants. It was a pleasant afternoon and an easy day trip, since I was back home in time for dinner easily. I highly recommend exploring the cities near to you whether they seem exciting at first glance or not! They may surprise you, as Cleveland surprised me.


Brandywine Falls, less than an hour away from Cleveland and so beautiful. Hiking the trails was incredibly peaceful.


It was an overcast day and even drizzled a little but honestly the breeze was nice after hiking in humid heat.