Toronto Tourist

On my way back from a New York trip recently I took a detour and visited Toronto, Canada for the first time. I love exploring the city, visiting as many adorable coffee shops as possible (there were just too many to choose from!), and waking up to a view of the CN Tower every morning thanks to the incredible view from my hotel. I was only there for two nights but I made the most of every moment and enjoyed everything I did while there. My one big tourist moment was visiting Casa Loma, a gorgeous mansion that looks more like a castle. It was so fun to walk around and see each beautiful room while learning the history. Plus they filmed a few of my favorite movies there! I will definitely be back to Toronto in the future.


One of the rooms in Casa Loma, all exquisitely furnished but this was one of my favorites.


The “Times Square” of Toronto. Not exactly the same thing, but it definitely had the same vibe! Luckily it lacked the hoards of people milling about.


Eva’s Original Chimney… I got the peanut butter pretzel flavor and every bit was delicious. I have to say I would’ve been content with just the “chimney” part but why not indulge on a trip?


It seems like every other hour I was stumbling upon yet another adorable coffee shop… Fika here had a lovely iced Americano. 


Sugar Beach! Adorable name to fit an adorable stretch of sand. Very scenic. 


My room was fit for a queen… I highly recommend the Delta hotel because of the amazing views you get.


What’s hotel life without a proper mirror selfie?


A dog fountain. I was so happy to find this gem. All of the spouts are dogs! It really doesn’t get better than this. 


See you again soon, Toronto!