Kilt & Jewels

Fall is my favorite time to experiment with fashion because you don’t have to worry about extreme heat or cold. No covering up with bulky snow coats or sweating under layers. I love pairing my old school uniform (the kilt) with regular clothes too, it’s like comfort food in clothing since I wore it everyday for four years. Pairing it with a summer top and sweater keeps things cozy, and adding loads of jewelry made it really interesting. I’ve linked my sweater (which is super cozy and versatile for the season) as well as similar pieces for everything else. The top I’m wearing is off-the-shoulder like the ones I linked but I opted for one shoulder up. My jewelry and headband are all old J. Crew pieces so I’ve linked similar new pieces from J. Crew.

Sweater / Top / Skirt / Socks / Shoes

Headband / Necklace / Bracelet



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