September Recap & Favorites

September went by in the blink of an eye, but then again that seems to be the usual now. September in particular saw a swift shift from Summer to Fall weather, and some other pretty abrupt changes as well. Here are my highlights, favorites, and news items regarding this past year.

  1. Project Juice: Smoothies by mail? Sign me up! I first became aware of this trend on the NYC subway about a year ago, where I saw Daily Harvest ads. But it wasn’t until following Project Juice on Instagram that I finally became enticed to try a box. I don’t regret it a single bit, these smoothies are life savers for a million reasons! If you’re busy and need a quick boost, or if you’re feeling intensely lazy but want something packed with necessary food group items, these are your ticket.
  2. Dog Days of Summer at pool: When my Aunt got a new puppy I knew I’d be visiting Hinsdale even more than I already did, and I wasn’t wrong. I conveniently drove in for the “Dog Days of Summer” at their pool, where the dogs are allowed to swim in the pools before they’re drained. It was an adorable experience.IMG_8126
  3. Hinsdale trips: As mentioned above, I made more than one trip to Hinsdale, a Chicago suburb that my relatives live near. I always loved visiting when I was younger and now that I can drive myself, it’s too easy to just leave and be there for a weekend and a bit. Saturday and Sunday brunch are a given and there is a new puppy, so basically all of life’s necessities.
  4. Movie days: My Dad (through a series of his connections as usual) had the in on a local movie being shot nearby so we were able to go checkout the filming. It’s a super interesting Western and we got to see some of the crucial scenes being filmed. It was awesome to see all of the hard work that goes into just one short take! IMG_8322.jpeg
  5. 10 Worlds: As you may have read in my previous post, this book left a lasting impression on me. It’s fascinating and thought provoking, and a definite must-read for those interested in psychology or happiness, or both! You can preorder the book before it’s debut next week here.
  6. Canton Cider Mill: Important bucket list item for Fall: cider mill! I snuck in a quick trip before heading to Indiana for a wedding and it was a blast. The particular cider mill I visited has farm animals so I got to get a good look at some pigs and goats before indulging in the quintessential Fall donut. Perfect Fall day!
  7. Apartment search: More to follow on this development… but I (very) recently moved to NYC!! It’s so incredibly exciting to start my journey here, but first I had to find a place to live. Thank god for the Roomie app, which made the process seamless and much less of a headache (which is saying a whole lot).

What were some of your big September moments and favorites?