Target & Fleece Comfort

This post features two of my “comfort food” favorite things in life: a big, comfy pullover, and Target. Honestly, Target is kind of like my Tiffany’s from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (an all time favorite of mine that I watch probably too often). It’s such a lovely place, nothing very bad could happen to you there. And even better, practically anywhere I go I can find one. The pullover is just added perfection. Nothing makes me happier than hanging out in my oversized crewneck sweatshirts, but this one makes the whole practice much cuter and a little softer. I love that it’s lined so that you don’t overheat with fleece stuck to your skin, because let me tell you this thing is WARM! I’ll be wearing it all through the winter to motivate myself to leave the house when I have to, and to be completely blissfully comfortable when I do, and when I don’t!

The pullover comes in a couple different colors and patterns, mine is the mauve option (can’t resist pink). I’ve linked similar jeans and shoes, as well as a similar color Nikes that are under $35! You don’t see that everyday.

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