Yoga to Brunch

Everybody knows yoga pants are not just for the yoga studio these days, and beyond that athletic clothes in general are a fashion category in their own rite. Athleisure has to be the comfiest segment of fashion, thanks to the soft and stretchy materials. Nothing beats going out looking like you just hit Pilates and feeling like you’re still in your pajamas! That’s why this top is perfect; the super soft material is like a sleep shirt but it has the cutest tie and design so you look fashionable and sporty. The best part? You can take it from the gym to brunch and no one will bat an eye.

My top is linked and it’s only $22! It’s one of my favorite athleisure brands and the quality has always been amazing. It also comes in a charcoal grey color. I’ve linked similar leggings and a yoga bag, both from the same brand as mine and basically the same thing. The yoga bag has always served me well and it’s on sale for under $50. I’ve also linked similar shoes.

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