Welcome to New York

In the famous words of Taylor Swift, and probably countless other icons, “welcome to New York.” Why? Because I moved to NYC!! (Can you tell I’m excited?) The past two and a half weeks have been a whirlwind of life changes, starting with my one way flight to the city that never sleeps to start my first full time job. I got here with one suitcase and an AirBnb and now I have a room in a beautiful apartment, a bed (this is new, I’ve been on an air mattress for two weeks), and I’m two weeks into a new job in the media agency world. So many changes, so little time. But one thing hasn’t changed; I still love New York City just as much as the first time I visited.

Not a single day has been dull, even though all of my extracurricular activities have been grocery shopping, surfing Craigslist, and wandering the neighborhood after dark. Despite a lack of focused activity, there has been so much to see and to take in. And even with my best efforts to save money, there has already been plenty of awesome food to try and new places to see.

Though I’ve only been here a short time, the days are going by so quickly. I am so excited for what my future here holds, even the prospect of a new desk makes me smile. I’ll never get tired of seeing the skyline, either from the river in Brooklyn, or on the subway over on my way to work. The magic of this place never fades for me.