Perfect Paisley

I’ve always been a big fan of paisley ever since my favorite Talbot’s kids ruffled paisley smock top. It just reminds me of Fall and everything awesome that goes along with it. So of course I couldn’t resist this top, and the ultra soft and comfy shorts that match a little too perfectly! I love wearing warm tones like these in the Autumn as it makes me think of pumpkins and bonfires and what’s better than that around this time of year? Plus with both items being as on sale as they are, it would have a problem had I not bought them! Fall is so fun to dress for to begin with, but paisley somehow makes it even better!

My top is less than $20, a total steal, and comes in two colors! The shorts are the same brand and under $40, which is truly great for Free People. My boots, which I wear nearly everyday if you can’t already tell, are only $30! I’ve linked similar over-the-knee socks and a similar hat as well as mine is older.

Top / Shorts / Socks / Boots / Hat