NYC Bucket List

Moving to New York has been an overwhelming experience in a lot of ways, but honestly hardly any of them bad. There’s a never-ending list of things to do, see, eat, and experience which can be exhausting but overall is just an incredible opportunity. Having visited the city enough times before to have seen some of the staple tourist items (9/11 museum, Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Bridge) but there’s still so much to see! In between all the brunches, trying new places for dinner, and infinite walks around Prospect Park, here are some of the touristy things I want to try in the next few months (ambitious given that Winter is coming but still).

  1. High Line
  2. Top of the Rock
  3. Grimaldi’s Pizza
  4. Moma
  5. The Met (I have been in the lobby and gift shop!)
  6. Bagel breakfast
  7. Black Tap milkshake
  8. Statue of Liberty
  9. Ice skate in Central Park (first task: learning to skate in the first place)
  10. Christmas shops in Bryant Park (I took a first look this weekend and it was incredible!)
  11. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – but the authentic kind where you have a croissant in front of the window
  12. See a Broadway Show (how have I not yet?)
  13. Sports game – of any sort since sports aren’t my forte anyway
  14. Guggenheim
  15. Chelsea Markets

Any suggestions for a new New Yorker? Let me know what new restaurants or quintessential New York sights I need to see and stay tuned for updates as I take on the list.