Four Must-Try Brunches

One of my favorite weekend past times no matter where I may be is brunch. As “basic” as it may be, there’s nothing more enjoyable then spending time with friends over the best meal of the day (breakfast) at a decent time of day.

Last weekend I went to two amazing brunches, one sweet, one savory, and I enjoyed every second, naturally. I’m greatly looking forward to the brunch opportunities this weekend and next week on holiday break, because brunches are the best ways to catch up with hometown friends and new city friends alike!

*Bonus pics of brunches from two weekends ago as well because I love remembering a good brunch.*

P.S. Posting this on my way to brunch… it’s not a problem it’s a lifestyle.


Eggs Benedict at Blue Dog. Truly delicious, and a great time with new friends. The whole place just smells like delicious, hearty food. For the price though, I would chose the others over this one.


Delicious “weekend waffles” at The Butcher’s Daughter in Williamsburg. Just as amazing as it looks, completely piled high with fresh fruit.


Bonus from the weekend before last! Tom’s has dessert griddle items and great prices, that’s all you have to know. Peep the tiny piece missing because I lack self control.


A delicious little waffle with berry compote and mascarpone cheese at Milk Bar in Brooklyn. Walking distance waffles, is there anything better really?