Zzz’s with Zinus

After I moved here and had purchased an air mattress as an immediate solution to a prolonged problem, I was faced with a city conundrum: how to buy a bed with no car, and no knowledge of a mattress store. I write this as I lay in a super comfy bed, complete with a lovely bed frame, and it took me very minimal effort. Thank God for Amazon!

My Mom started the ball rolling looking into different mattress brands on Amazon which was such a help as I barely had time while I acclimated to work. She would send me links to various mattresses she found on Amazon and I would scope the reviews. The majority of what she sent me was from Zinus, which I hasn’t heard of prior but the reviews really speak for themselves. So we chose a foam mattress to arrive in a box and moved on to bigger choices.

My bed at home has a beautiful headboard that I’m slightly obsessed with, but I didn’t expect to have anything that nice right away here in New York because of budget and effort constraints. But lo and behold, Zinus has a whole line of bed frames with many including a gorgeous headboard, and all very, very budget friendly. There were other brands I also looked at and considered, but at the end of the day we went with the full Zinus package.

Both the mattress and headboard arrived on a Monday, which meant setting it all up after a long workday which I was slightly worried about. Let me tell you, it only took me an hour all on my own, and it was the easiest process ever. The bed frame and headboard set up like a dream with 0 frustration. I was able to pop open the mattress (which begins to instantly expand, super cool to watch) and watch some Netflix while my mattress breathed.

I was a little worried about sleeping on my mattress only a few hours after opening it (it comes in a huge plastic seal to keep it small enough to ship). But nothing I found online warned against it, so after two weeks on an air mattress I finally slept on a mattress that night.

Despite coming from a box where it was tightly vacuum sealed, this mattress is a dream. I’ve slept wonderfully every night I’ve been on it and there were no odor issues at all. My favorite part is having a beautiful headboard, just like I do back home. But honestly, the real best part? That all of it was within the budget! I’m now a proud believer in boxed mattresses.

Mattress / Headboard


Unrolled and ripped open, and rapidly inflating!