New Obsession: AMC A-List

I’ve always been a huge fan of the movies, and frequented the theaters in high school. College presented a challenge as I had less transportation options and less time, but I still managed to see a new movie once in a while. When MoviePass came out I was intrigued but never committed, which in retrospect I’m glad due to the restrictions on the usage now. But my new NYC friend convinced me to get the AMC A-List pass after explaining just how worth it it is.

If you enjoy going to the movies a semi-regular amount, I can’t recommend the pass enough. Roughly $20 a month and you can see up to three movies a week (which honestly who has time for that but it still pays for itself.) I’ve had the pass a little under a month, and I’ve already seen four movies, one of them just last night (A Star is Born, Venom, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Hate U Give). Here in NYC, each ticket is about $15 to begin with, and one of the films I saw was in the luxury theater so tickets were $22. Can you see how this all adds up to be very, very worth it?

Not to mention, if you love movie snacks like me, you get to go in a separate line that is basically nonexistent, and you rack up points rather quickly which translates to more savings on snacks. If I haven’t convinced you already, then you’re probably not a big movie-goer. But being able to walk into the movies anytime and basically see a new film for free has been an amazing feeling and one that for $20 a month, I will not be giving up.

pics (times square)