Where I’ll Be Black Friday Shopping

I’ve never been a huge shopper on Black Friday or Cyber Monday to be honest, but there are a couple places that I shop at year round where I can’t resist looking for a deal. I remember my first Black Friday shopping experience in high school, when a friend and I went to the mall just because we always did, but I spent an ungodly amount of money at Aerie and got so much incredible stuff including a free tote (that I still use to this day). That experience was fun, I bought things that I needed but that were fun, and it wasn’t stressful or excessive. That’s kind of what defines my Black Fridays. These days, you won’t find me shopping in stores but rather online, loading my cart and then by process of elimination bringing the total down to something reasonable. Here are a few of the brands I’ll be shopping this Black Friday.


Aerie always has amazing sales, for instance right now they’re already running a free promotions. This will always be my favorite ever since that first Black Friday I shopped there.

Victoria’s Secret

I guess I just love shopping for PJs and underwear? You can’t beat a good deal, and Victoria’s Secret is another one that runs some great sales. I’ve gotten fun pajamas almost every year at one sale or another of theirs and this year will be no different. They also love to throw in totes, slippers, and blankets when you spend a certain amount which is nice. $35 robes and BOGO pajamas are a few of the awesome promos VS will be running this week.

J. Crew Factory / J. Crew

J. Crew Factory is always running a sale, no matter what the occasion. I know they’ll have some great deals this time of year and their pieces are perfect for the office! Likewise with J. Crew, where you can hunt the sale items and find some fun things under their usually high price-tag. J. Crew Factory is already advertising $30 crewneck sweaters, $20 flannels, and loads more deals to come.


Super cute closet staples at already reasonable prices, with an extra 50% off? Yes, please. Just this season I’ve gotten my favorite fleece pullover, an adorable pair of overalls, a comfy pair of jeans, and a cozy sweater there. How could I resist restocking with such a great sale?

Ann Taylor

An office classic, and another 50% off situation. I definitely need to stock up on workwear basics and this is the perfect time. Who wants to pay full price for things you wear to work, even if they are super cute?

The list isn’t extensive, but neither is my shopping this time of year. I prefer to buy mostly gifts and treat myself at the after-Christmas sales if necessary. These are just my all-time favorites where you really can’t beat their deals.